TLIC3004- Drive Heavy Rigid Vehicle

Heavy Rigid Truck Licence Training

Heavy Rigid (HR) licence allows you to drive any rigid vehicle with 3 or more axles and tow a trailer with a GVM up to 9 tonnes (within GCM limits). An HR licence also allows you to drive an articulated bus.

Different courses are available for Automatic/Synchromesh equipped trucks and also the constant mesh (“road ranger” or “crash box”) equipped trucks.

HR Truck Licence Training Duration

1 Day (Face-To-Face) Training Available

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There are two types of HR Training. The Automatic/Manual Training and the Constant Mesh(also known as “Road Ranger” or “Crash Box”)

Types of Gearbox


The majority of newly made heavy-rigid vehicles come with an automatic transmission. This is the way of the future. Most mine sites will feature predominantly auto trucks.

This course is a great option if you:

• Need to acquire a licence quickly

• Intend to drive buses

• Have control over what truck you will be driving


The landslide-favored synchromesh gearbox is the most advantageous licence to acquire with the least amount of effort. You are covered by this licence for approximately 80% of all HR vehicles.

The synchromesh gearbox is most analogous to an automobile’s manual gearbox. A manual vehicle licence is required to enrol in this course.

You will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to operate a 16-ton vehicle with 12 speeds (6 ratios, each with a low and high range option), in addition to split-shifting.

This course is an excellent choice if you are:

• Have a valid MR licence

• Have prior experience with Synchro vehicles

• Have knowledge of high and low range gearing

• Having practical industry experience or have a strong mechanical inclination

Road Ranger / Crash Box / Open Class

A highly challenging transmission to master. A manual vehicle licence is required to enrol in this course.

Due to its precise rev-control, double clutches, 18 speeds, and 18 speeds, this beast is not for everyone. We typically advise against this course of action unless it is an absolute necessity.

If you: This course might be a worthwhile investment for your investment.

• Have been specifically requested by an employer to obtain this licence

• Have the intention of pursuing a long-term career in the transportation industry

• Have future aspirations to operate road trains

Eligibility to complete the course

A minimum of two years’ valid WA C-class licence or one year’s valid Medium Rigid (MR)/Light Medium (LR) licence.


Applicants are required to take the commercial vehicle driver’s standard eyesight test when applying for a heavy vehicle driver’s licence.

The eyesight test will be conducted at the Driver and Vehicle Services centre, regional DoT office or agent when you make application for your licence, or at the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) if you choose to be trained and assessed via the RTO.

If you need to wear visual aids to pass the eyesight test, your licence will be endorsed to show that you must wear visual aids when driving.

Declare Commercial Medical Eligibility

Applicants are required to declare any permanent, long-term mental or physical condition (which may include a dependence on drugs or alcohol) that is likely to, or treatment for which is likely to, impair your ability to control a heavy commercial vehicle.

Find out more about what constitutes a reportable medical condition.

Heavy Rigid (HR) Licence Course Fee - 2023

HR-A Licence

Automatic Gearbox Training
$ 1190 1 Day Course
  • 2 - 6 hours Theory
    (May take more hours)
  • 4 Hrs Practice
  • Test/Assessment

HR-B Licence

Synchromesh Gearbox Training
$ 1190 1 Day Course
  • 2 - 6 hours Theory
    (May take more hours)
  • 4 Hrs Practice
  • Test/Assessment

HR Full Licence

Road Ranger Gearbox Training
$ 1650 2 Day Course
  • 2 - 6 hours Theory
    (May take more hours)
  • 6 Hours Practice
  • Test/Assessment

Please Note:- After Course Extra Lessons Fee for HR – $145/hr. Min 2 Hours

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