TLIC3005-Drive Heavy Combination Vehicle

Heavy Combination Truck Licence Training

Heavy Combination (HC) Truck Licence allows you to drive any articulated truck with three or more axles. E.g. a prime mover with a single semi-trailer or a heavy rigid vehicle towing a single trailer with a GVM greater than 9 tonnes.

Different training is available for Automatic/Synchromesh equipped trucks and also the constant mesh (“road ranger” or “crash box”) equipped trucks.

This course may be appropriate for you if you wish to operate containers, tippers, or tankers with just one trailer. Fuel collection and food delivery to supermarkets are made possible by this course.
The majority of our students choose to forego this lesson in lieu of the MC course, which covers everything mentioned above plus more. We only perform HC courses in an automatic truck. Whatever restriction you have (if any) at the HR level will carry through to your HC licence

HC Truck Licence Training Duration

2 Day (Face-To-Face) Training Available

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Eligibility to Complete the course

You can upgrade to a heavy Combination Licence only after holding a MR or HR Licence for a minimum of 12 months


Applicants are required to take the commercial vehicle driver’s standard eyesight test when applying for a heavy vehicle driver’s licence.

The eyesight test will be conducted at the Driver and Vehicle Services centre, regional DoT office or agent when you make application for your licence, or at the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) if you choose to be trained and assessed via the RTO.

If you need to wear visual aids to pass the eyesight test, your licence will be endorsed to show that you must wear visual aids when driving.

Declare Commercial Medical

Applicants are required to declare any permanent, long-term mental or physical condition (which may include a dependence on drugs or alcohol) that is likely to, or treatment for which is likely to, impair your ability to control a heavy commercial vehicle.

Find out more about what constitutes a reportable medical condition.

HC- A Licence

Automatic Gearbox Training
$ 2500 2 Days Course
  • 2 - 6 Hours Theory
    (May take more hours)
  • 9 Hour Pratical
  • Test/Assessment

Please Note:- After Course Extra lessons Fee for HC – $180/hr. Min 2 Hours

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