TLIC4006- Drive multi-combination Vehicle

Multi Combination Truck Licence Training

MC Licence, also known as the Multi-Combination Truck Licence, is the highest level of Heavy Vehicle Licence available in Australia.

This licence will allow you to drive any Heavy Vehicle and is required for any person who wishes to drive any Heavy Vehicle with more than 1 Trailer (such as a B-Double, Road Train or Low Loader Dolly Combinations).

Trucks are the true moneymakers on our roadways; they are the giants. Those interested in long-distance transportation should obtain this licence.
With an MC licence, one is authorised to operate any type of vehicle, including those with two or more trailers. If you are exhausted from handling various drop-offs daily and would prefer to handle a single cargo, this is a phenomenal route to take.

Throughout thousands of kilometres, familiarise yourself with every corner of Western Australia while listening to podcasts and music. If you obtained your HR licence some time ago but are still using the tools, this could be a welcome respite and change of pace for your body.

MC Truck Licence Training Duration

2 Day (Face-To-Face) Training Available

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Eligibility to Complete the course

You can upgrade to a heavy Combination Licence only after holding a HR or HC Licence for a minimum of 1 year


Applicants are required to take the commercial vehicle driver’s standard eyesight test when applying for a heavy vehicle driver’s licence.

The eyesight test will be conducted at the Driver and Vehicle Services centre, regional DoT office or agent when you make application for your licence, or at the Registered Training Organisation (RTO) if you choose to be trained and assessed via the RTO.

If you need to wear visual aids to pass the eyesight test, your licence will be endorsed to show that you must wear visual aids when driving.

Declare Commercial Medical Eligibility

Applicants are required to declare any permanent, long-term mental or physical condition (which may include a dependence on drugs or alcohol) that is likely to, or treatment for which is likely to, impair your ability to control a heavy commercial vehicle.

Find out more about what constitutes a reportable medical condition.

MC - A Licence

Automatic Gearbox Training
$ 2500 2 Days Course
  • 2 - 6 Hours Theory
    (May take more hours)
  • 9 Hours Practical
  • Test/ Assessment

Please Note:- After the Course Extra Lessons Fee for MC – $180/hr. Min 2 Hours

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